From the recording I Shih Tzu Not - 2023

Simon Bagel Boy Stanley - Lead Vocal
Patrick Frost - Electric Piano, Steel Pan, Backing Vocal
Russ Weaver - Tenor Sax
Bob Mills - Acoustic Piano solo
John Spudman Anthony - Guitar
Jim Lucas - NS Electric Upright Bass
James Cadillac Cardarelli - Drums
Steady Joseph - Conga

engineered and produced by Patrick Frost


words and music by Patrick Frost

I got a taste of Daytona
Daytona tasted like speed
I got a taste of Daytona
Driving my car on the beach

My baby got a taste of Daytona
My baby like what she see
A certain state of mind in Daytona
The sand and the surf and the sea.

Smells like Coconut oil
And a little bit of gasoline
And all the phoney biker, lawyers
Really make the scene complete
Down in Daytona.

Mayor Bud will feed you
There’s enough to go around.
And the reggae rock will soothe
Those Little Women hangin’ ‘round
Down in Daytona.