From the recording I Shih Tzu Not - 2023

PATRICK FROST - Vocal, Piano, Keyboards, Steel Pam
TOMMY CALTON - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
JIM LUCAS - Electric Bass

engineered and produced by Patrick Frost


words and music by Patrick Frost

There is nothing like a psychedelic morning
To get ready for the pressure of the day.
Like a knock-down, drag-out weekend.
Close your eyes and get away.

I'd rather have a psychedelic morning
To lead me to a peaceful afternoon
I hear the cats start to bark while I'm sitting in the park
Taking a break from my room.

And I've got to find the off switch
'Cause I'm running out of time
And I've got to find a way to free my mind.
I don't need a bunch of homework.
The instructions work just fine.
And the answer is the truth my will will find.

There is nothing like a Friday night feeling
To erase the panic of the week.
Turn the HiFi up pour another cup.
Raise your glass again on Saturday.

I don't want to find the devil in the details
I don't want the demon creepin' in my mind.
A kaleidoscope hallucination
Bright enough to leave you blind.

But, I need to find an off switch
'Cause I'm waking up at night
And I'm shaking as I watch the morning light.
I don't need all of your bullshit
'Cause I've got enough of mine
And the answer is the truth my will will find.

All the models seem to trend toward heartache.
All the answers wash out in the rain.
So, I'm going to have a psychedelic morning.
Such a very nice way to ease the pain.

Oh, the cats do pretty good business
On the Cuban side of the street
Because the traffic there is sweeter
So many customers to meet.

And I can't avoid the countdown,
But the process leaves me blind.
I can feel the goalpost moving over time.
And the cats just won't stop barking
'Til I play The Jody Grind
And the answer is the truth my will will find.

And I don't believe in magic
Or the infinite divine.
I'm not angry I just haven't got the time
I don't need some other insight.
The cats will do just fine.
And the answer is the truth my will will find.