1. Wiggle Room

From the recording I Shih Tzu Not - 2023

Patrick Frost - Lead Vocal, Piano, Organ, Steel Pan
Lyma Dunbar - Backing Vocals
Gerardo Manrique - Electric Guitars
Jim Lucas - Electric Bass
James Cadillac Cardarelli - Drums
Carlos Del Toro - Percussion


words and music by Patrick Frost

I'm gonna need a little wiggle room
To move around here.
I'm in a really tight spot
Can you help me out?
I love what you've done with your hair
So what if people stare
You're gonna need a little wiggle room too
When it all comes down to it.
Everything is moving fast
And nothing is built to last.

He's gonna need a little wiggle room
To get something done here.
There's a man with a rock in his hand
Shouting in the street.
And the cars passing by don't care.
It's as if they were never there.
He's gonna have to leave himself a little wiggle room
To get himself out of this.
Everything is moving fast.
It was never meant to last.

So, what so we do?

Follow the evidence
Ponder the significance
Study her elegance
Rejoice in it's magnificence
Embrace the radiance
Enlighten your intelligence
Be kind to the innocent
Forgive the ignorant.

We all need a little wiggle room
From time to time.
Find a little taste of space
Slow the race down.
Take a drive on a sunny day
'Til you find a nice piece of shade
You gotta lift up your leg and relax
In your own little wiggle room.
'Cause time keeps moving fast
It was never meant to last.