From the recording I Shih Tzu Not - 2023

Patrick Frost - Lead vocal, Backing Vocals, Piano, Trombone, Steel Pan, synths, samples, sound fx, Bass Harmonica
Bryan Hayes - Lead Vocal
Simon Bagel Boy Stanley - Narrator
Russ Weaver - Clarinet, Tenor Sax
Tommy Calton - Electric Guitars
Jim Lucas - Electric Bass
Jahbone Opec - Drums
Steady Joseph - Percussion

engineered and produced by Patrick Frost


A rich man picks up the trash
In the Park behind the fence.
Oh boy! Ain't it intense
To watch him work.
He's picking up all the debris
That is left by you and me.
Hey, why don't we set him free
To go home?

The Sandman came at night.
Took my dreams. Left on the light.
I thought it wasn't right.
He should have known.
It's no good counting sheep
Because I will never fall asleep.
Jesus! What is wrong with me?
Can I come home?

But, an apocalypse now and then
Might not mean the end.
We can always try again
And just start over.

No, I can't dwell on the past
'Cause it will never be the same
And it's driving me insane
To watch it burn.
I can't get out of the way
And it effects my day to day.
So, I gotta try and look away.
I can't hurt no more.

But an apocalypse now and then
Thickens up your skin.
Like Winter in Michigan
It just makes you stronger.

La la la la la.
La la la la la.
La la la la la la la
It just makes you stronger.