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Farewell to my favorite Snow Birds


Barb and Bill Fickes have been coming down to Disney from Michigan for the last few years and we have become close friends.  This past Wednesday was my last performance before they headed North and I will miss them and look forward to the return next Winter.

Thank you Barb and Bill for keeping me company and keeping me hydrated through many a warm winter's day at The Margarita Bar.

Guest Artists Tonight



Please join me tonight at Downtown Disney.  I will be appearing with guest artists, Gerardo Manrique on Guitar and Steady Joseph on Percussion.  We will be performing on the Pleasure Island hill in front of the old Neon Armadillo/BET Club.  Hope to see you there.

Monday nights at Downtown Disney.


Monday nights through July you can find me performing At Downtown Disney in front of Fulton's Crab House.  I will be trading sets with a fantastic musician and my good friend Mitch Corbin.  Hope to see you there

Newly designed Website


We've been working hard to provide a more fun and informative website experience here at  We hope you enjoy our new website design.  Please keep coming back as we will be changing content often to make your experience here something you will want to bookmark and return to on a regular basis.


For a limited time (basically until we run out of CDs),  If you come out to any of Patrick's live performances, stop by and say hi, Patrick will give you a copy of his 1997 CD release, Everything's Normal Here.  Please don't forget to leave a shout out on the guestbook and sign up for Patrick's mailing list.  See you at the show.

Check out Max!

Downtown Disney in February


February will be a busy month for The Conch Man at Downtown Disney.  Monday nights I will be appearing with my friend, Gerardo Mannrique, on Guitar.  Look for us near the big balloon and in front of Wetzel Pretzel.   Also, I will be appearing solo, in front of Fulton's Crab House on selected nights, and Feb. 15, The Conch Man Band will appear on the Purple Stage, up on the hill at Pleasure Island.  The Conch Man Band consists of Gerardo Mannrique on Guitar, Steady Joseph on Percussion and Jim Lucas on Bass. Please check the Gig calender for all the dates and come out to see some great live music at Downtown Disney.


Rockin' in Rocks Lounge at The Peabody


I'm very happy to be playing the Grand Piano and singing with Robin Gallo and Jim Lucas (Bass),  in Rocks Lounge at the Peabody Hotel on International Drive, in the month of February.  It's fun for me to step away from the Steel Pans and play piano and I get to work with fabulous musicians as well.  Check the Gigs page to find the nights I will be appearing. Hope to see you there.

Downtown Disney Gig continues through September.



The Conch Man continues his run at Downtown Disney through September.  Come on out and enjoy the show.

The Conch Man - Vol. 2, Making Waves

The Conch Man - Vol. 2 - Making Waves has been released. Check it out!
The Conch Man: The Conch Man, Vol. 2 - Making Waves

McCoco Loco


McCoco Loco 

The Coco Loco Band performed for the McDonalds Convention at the Orange County Convention Center.  What a fun night!


(L-R) Pat Frost, Carlos Del Toro, Dru Betts, Willy Colon, Jim Lucas


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